Hill_CC_Hillsboro_TX_20041126_07A Message from the President

Have you noticed a new spirit in Hillsboro? So much cooperation and a mission to spark “Yes We Can” seems to be prevalent. The Farmers Market is a success. We are celebrating Agritourism!
Our agriculture roots run deep in Hillsboro. The Cotton Pickin’ Fair is just around the corner. As a community we will once again celebrate our ties to agriculture. A little known fact is that 60% of the Cotton grown in the USA is grown in this region of Texas.
While agriculture is very important, there is more to Hillsboro. Buck Gilcrease is an award winning educator and Dr. Pam Boehm with Hill College both are bringing a strong, new vision for the future. The Chamber celebrates our Educators.
I am excited about our first Quarterly Chamber Luncheon which is sponsored by Lone Star Ag Credit. We will have a Microsoft Partner, Charles Gabriel provide an overview of Microsoft’s productivity tools and Office 2013. The last time I attended similar training, I increased my productivity measurably.
Thank you to the City for the opportunity to attend the Rural Challenge in Waco in mid-June. I learned a lot about the challenges facing rural Texas.
Unfortunately, we have a wrinkle getting our billboard, but hopefully the city will get the issues with TXDOT resolved soon. Jerry Barker is on it.
Last week I visited the Dallas newly restored Depot at Heritage Village. There has been a question about the Color Hue for the Depot. Also I have visited with the Texas Heritage Commission regard the color of the roof. Our visionaries set the bar for other Depots.
What wise citizens we had in the 1980s.

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