Dear Hillsboro ISD Champion,

With Olympic season in full swing, all of us can see how athletes unite a nation and generate enthusiasm for their country. In this same way, high school athletes invest their time and energy to build and strengthen the pride in a community.
The Hillsboro Athletic Booster Club expressly supports the dedication and commitment of our girl’s programs, boy’s programs and our coaches. Our athletes appreciate the support they receive and understand that we are all working towards their current success as well as success in the future.

Athletic Boosters have raised and provided funds to enrich both high school and junior high programs. They have had a direct impact on developing quality facilities, with providing training and conditioning equipment, and in helping to provide and assisting with the care of quality performance gear.

We invite both businesses and individuals to hold membership in the Hillsboro Athletic Booster Club. We also welcome those who would like to be “Supporters” by volunteering their time. Membership, financially or through volunteerism demonstrates unity, support and enthusiasm for our Hillsboro Eagles.

Attached you will find the membership form describing the various levels of membership. As a Club member you earn voting rights to help determine how money is dispersed and also choosing scholarship recipients. Meetings are in the evening, once per month and are appreciated but not required. Your volunteer time is encouraged by a raffle at the year’s end with one entry for each qualifying work date. The Booster Club is hard work, but can be a lot of fun and can do wonders for our kids and our community.

Joe Adams
HISD Athletic Director
For the 2016 Booster Club Membership Form Click Here