At the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce we receive hundreds of phone calls each month.  Some day when I have time, I will share a list of the questions that we answer.  Do we have a social security office in Hillsboro?  Where do I get a driver’s license?  How do I start a new business?  And sometimes I receive concerns and grumbling about businesses.   Never have I received a compliment about a business in Hillsboro, quite like this one – that is until this week.

Earlier in the week the phone rings, Paul Westbrook, who lives in Rockwall said, “I want to tell you about a business that went above and beyond for me.”  Paul is the new Offensive Line Coach in Clifton.   He is currently splitting his time between his position in Duncanville and his new position in Clifton.  After school one day, he walks to his vehicle, and to his surprise and dismay, it would not start.  He purchases a new battery thinking he will be home soon.  After a few minutes of driving between Clifton and Hillsboro, car problems strike again. Paul pulls over and discovers that his car is experiencing alternator issues. So he calls a tow truck and has his vehicle taken to a repair shop.

All of the “what ifs” are running around in his head.  What if he needs to spend the night?  While he likes Hillsboro, he was not too happy about eating dinner alone and spending the night away from his family.  The tow truck driver tells him that he will take the vehicle to a location where there are two shops in the hopes that one will still be open.  It was approaching 5:30 p.m.
Danny Burkhart was about to close up after a long day, but when the tow truck arrived, he was ready to help.  Danny assured Paul that he could take care of the mechanical issues, and by 8:00 p.m., the vehicle was repaired and Paul was back on the road. By 9:15 p.m., Paul was home again with his wife and kids.

“Danny Burkhart went above and beyond for me and everyone in Hillsboro needs to know this,” said Paul.  “And the repair was much less than I expected.”

Thank you Danny Burkhart for being a Hillsboro Superstar.

If you have a story about a Hillsboro Superstar, please share it with the chamber.
Vicki Hidde