Earlier today, I sent a flyer to individuals who are interested in a Job Fair.
The Hill County Job Fair will be August 15 – Saturday
Time: 10 am to 2 pm
Place: Historic City Hall
211 East Franklin Street
Sponsors:    Hillsboro Economic Development – Art Mann
Hillsboro Reporter – Roger Galle
Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce
Cost:    $350 which will provide a table and advertising/promotions.

When preparing the Flyer/Poster I used Stock Photographs.  One of my Board Members sent me an email and asked if I would like pictures of Wisenbaker’s facility. Why did I not think about requesting pictures from our members?  I always love it when I can hijack some ones ideas which are better than Vicki’s. Thank you Dwayne Lusk for making the suggestion.  If you are participating or want to participate in the job fair. please send me pictures of your facility. We will use your photographs in social media and promotional material
Click Here  for a copy of poster with stock photos & Here for the Spanish Version

Vicki Hidde
Hillsboro Chamber